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Perfect Vacation Rentals in Maine

When you are looking to spend your summer on the North Atlantic coastline's beautiful beaches, Seashore Property Management is ready to help. We offer vacation rentals in Maine that range in price from luxury oceanfront homes and condos to cozy, affordable bungalows, and everything in-between.

You deserve a vacation that delivers the beauty of the ocean, the comfort of a rental cottage, and amenities to relish. With more than 100 properties for rent, our team is ready to help you create a family vacation rental package that will make your summer vacation memorable. Contact us to book your rental so you can begin enjoying the relaxing sound of waves and birds.

Taking Time to Do What You Want

If your idea of a perfect vacation is to fall in love with a small coastal town, then we have got you covered. When you stay with us in Coastal Maine, you can treat yourself to fresh lobster at a fine local establishment, spend the day at the beach, enjoy a free concert, and then end your night by going clubbing.

Want to just relax in your vacation home? Not a problem. Whether you are staying in one of our houses, cottages, or condos, you are going to be able to find a rental that suits your needs perfectly. We have rentals that are pet friendly, some with fully equipped kitchens for gourmet meals, or just all the room you need to relax.


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